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    Drywall Repairs

    Our Drywall repair services allow you to have walls (and ceilings) that look brand new without having to go through all of the trouble that comes with replacing a wall. If we find that your drywall does need to be replaced, we’re able to do that for you too so that you don’t have to worry about the hassle that comes along with finding a new contractor (again).

    We use the most professional methods of drywall repair and that allows you the chance to have a home that is beautiful and modern. It also helps to keep you safer and your home insulated better. Drywall that has been damaged as a result of another problem in your home will be fixed and we will also address the other problem. For example, if the drywall in your bathroom has damage from moisture, we can repair that. We will also help you figure out what the best option is to fix the moisture problem and may suggest installing new ventilation fans or using a paint that helps to cut down on the moisture in the room.

    Our Business Is Grounded In:

    • Whether you are putting up a wall or simply trying to cover old drywall so that you have brand new walls, we can do it.
    • As with all of our other services, we are sure that you will be happy with the drywall services.
    • We work to satisfy each of our customers and the drywall service is just one more way that we are able to help you get exactly what you need.

    S&J Painting, a painting company that started in 2014. Offering quality service with integrity. We are a company created with experienced painters that guarantees the satisfaction of our clients.

    Drywall is a staple in almost every Apartment or house. It’s a sturdy, fire-resistant material that’s perfect for building, but it’s not immune to damage. Whether you’re dealing with a dent or ding from moving furniture or a full-blown series of holes left behind by a plumber or electrician, We can make your plaster, sheetrock, and drywall look pristine and new again in less time and with less mess.

    We've Completed More Than 20,000 Home-improvement Jobs Nationwide With Professionalism, Quality And Customer Service Always In Mind.

    We’ve patched thousands of holes over the years and have perfected an award-winning repair process that leaves you with stunning results in less time and with less mess than other common drywall repair techniques. When it comes to drywall repair, we’ve seen and repaired pretty much everything.